Exploring Shapes and Making Connections

This summer we will be spending almost three weeks in Europe.  We are starting our trip in the Swiss Alps then spending time in Florence, Paris and finally Ireland. (Where we get to visit friends we miss greatly.)  I hope to prepare the kids for the art and architecture they will encounter on the trip.… Continue reading Exploring Shapes and Making Connections

Sharing the Love with a Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Charlotte at My Little Homeschool blog for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. Charlotte has a wonderful website and blog where she shares her homeschool journey.  She writes honestly about homeschooling twin boys with special needs. The Liebster is a friendly recognition given from one blogger to another.  It is a way… Continue reading Sharing the Love with a Liebster Award

Taking Time to be Mindful

The winter and spring season is filled with the kids' sports activities.  We enjoy being active and the kids love to participate in sports they love.  We spend late weekday afternoons at practice and Saturday mornings the kids have meets or games.  Sometimes it feels like we are always headed out the door and rushing.… Continue reading Taking Time to be Mindful

How to Support Advanced Readers

      I became interested in the needs of advanced readers because I noticed the reading development in my own children. My oldest son began to read at an early age and became a book worm after first grade. My daughter and second son also developed a love of reading at an early age. At… Continue reading How to Support Advanced Readers

A Creative Space

During my Master's program, I had the opportunity to take a creativity class.  The class helped me explore the nature of creativity, examine the life of current creative people, and think about how we encourage creativity in different settings.  Learning about creativity is what prompted me to turn the formal dining room into a creative… Continue reading A Creative Space

Spending Time Together

The last couple of weekends have been a little busy for our family.  Saturdays seem to belong to the kids' sport meets, games, or practice.  We feel worn out when the weekends are busy and don't include time to refresh or relax. During busy weekends, it feels extra important to find ways to connect and spend… Continue reading Spending Time Together

Early Mornings

*contains affiliate links Last week, the kids' bedtime came and went one evening.  Suddenly they were interested in math.  My 11-year-old decided it was a good time to start pre-algebra and my 6-year-old thought doing some multiplication was a good idea.  I let them work for a awhile before sending them to bed.  I thought… Continue reading Early Mornings

Galaxy Art

The enthusiasm for space continues!  Yesterday, the kids looked at photos of galaxies and stars in books and online.  My 11-year-old and 6-year-old each used different materials to make a picture of a galaxy.   My daughter experimented with Maya Mists spray paints (from a crafty friend) and some acrylic paint to make her image.… Continue reading Galaxy Art