Guided Learning LLC is committed to providing engaging learning experiences based on a learner’s needs and interests.



I offer individualized instruction based on a student’s strengths and interests. Each session is tailored to the student’s specific needs and learning preferences.  I use a multi-sensory approach when working with young children to help build conceptual understandings.   I help students gain confidence in learning a subject by helping them acquire skills to monitor their learning.

I offer tutoring services for students in grades Kindergarten – 10th Grade and occasionally beyond 10th grade depending on a learner’s need.  I can help your child become a better reader and/or writer as well as help them become mathematics thinkers.

I offer 45 minute and one hour tutoring sessions focused on one or multiple subjects.

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Parent Workshops

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 Academic Coaching

I can help you identify your child’s strengths and interests to provide enrichment in the home or work with you so you can better support your child’s learning needs.  Individual academic coaching is for parents who would like to learn how to support their child’s learning at home.  Together we can find resources and enriching activities that will help your child develop his or her academic goals.


If you are interested in tutoring or coaching services please go the contact tab to send a request or contact me via e-mail at:

I currently serve the Ahwatukee area in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank you,

Maria Arana


Payment for services can be done through PayPal.